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I have been exploring your software for a week now and just wondering if there is any Search and Edit fuction which will be helpful if we will be editing those that are manual entry. For example we have manual entry 100 pheriperals and mark it as spare. We can search the pheriperals via serial number but to edit we have to search for it manually in the tree, Any way when we search it by serial then have an edit function.

Thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately, there is no search option for manual-entry custom fields. One solution would be to create a table report with the custom fields and search in it. After finding the assets that contain the queried value, you can locate them in the Network tree and edit them one by one or together (in the Multiple selection mode).

Another solution would be to store the serial number or other information in Notes. This way, you can filter the Network tree by note contents using the assistant, tick the assets that you need to edit and then mass-edit their values.

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