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Documentation of deploying Office 2016

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Hello, Stefan.
We've not updated the documentation with this information yet, but it's coming soon. Here's the short guide:
1. Download the Office Deployment Tool for your version of Office.
2. Launch it and save the Click-to-Run setup.exe to the folder of choice.
3. In TSD, add the newly created setup.exe to the Software storage as a multi-file installer by ticking the checkbox and specify the path to the Office distribution folder (if you don't have the distribution, the folder where the Click-to-Run setup file is).
4. In the Software editor, click Configuration to expand the settings and configure the XML using the panel or manually (click the icon on the right for Advanced). Set a comfortable timeout for the installer.
4a. If you don't have the distribution files, make a test run with the /download parameter: the files will be downloaded to the Software storage. The same timeout value will be used.
5. Deploy using parameter /configure.
Please let us know if you have any questions.


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In those cases - when your Office product is missing from the drop-down list - you need edit the Product ID field in the Configuration file manually (click the Advanced icon). To find out whether your version of Office is supported by Click to Run and what ID to use if it does, please contact Microsoft support, and let us know the result.

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