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Keep data about changelog

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It is described in documentation: the change log concept and snapshots auto-deleting policy.

By default the oldest snapshot is always kept, and 9 newest snapshots are kept (total of 10). Also the snapshots are deleted after 90 days (not automatically, but during the rescan). This means if you don't rescan anything, no snapshots will be deleted.

You can change these settings in "Options - Scanner".

With the oldest snapshot always there, you can always get the changes from the very beginning. Though there may be too many of them. For example, you can disable the snapshots deletion. If you scan assets frequently, there may be many snapshots. Then you can delete unnecessary snapshots manually in "Edit - Snapshots". For example, you can leave only one snapshot per month as reference points.

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The default limitation of snapshot lifetime of 90 days is exactly 3 months that you need, so you can leave it. However, the maximum number of 10 snapshots may not be enough, so you could increase it to 100, for example. This will allow to have 1 snapshot per day and keep all changes for the last 3 months. Everything that is older will be gradually removed as the time passes by.

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