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I bought and installed the 25 node version of TNI 3 and when i tried to search the network, i got a few computers that the software wasn't able to analyze, due to getting the message: tniwinagent.exe is missing.

In fact, in the installation folder i have the following files: tnibsdagent, tniesxagent, tnilinagent, tnilinagent_x64 and tnimacagent, but no tniwinagent.exe

How can i get this file ?

Thaks for all your help.

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It seems like incorrect program behaviour. Please reinstall the program once again, so that tniwinagent.exe is there. Then download the updated main program executable to the installation directory (overwrite existing file).

Run it and run the scan again, and check if tniwinagent.exe is still there. Let us know if it fixes the problem. Thanks.

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I too am having the same issue, with no virus scanner on the server that hosts TNI. Start a scan, the executable disappears!

I reinstalled, copied the executable over from this thread, and tniwinagent.exe exists. I run the scanner, it disappears.

After testing a few times, I found what is happening: As soon as TNI starts the scan, it deletes the file.

Temporary fix: Right click tniwinagent.exe and hit properties. Mark it as read only.

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To everyone: please update to the latest version 3.1.4 released today. It should fix the problem. Let us know the results.

Jochen: installation of tniwinagent is not connected to Nmap in the installer, but it may have been deleted by TNI itself earlier (the error which has been fixed in 3.1.4).

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