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IP Range Filter in Customized Template of Table Report

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I tried to make my own template of the table report to show


1. Network Name

2. IP Address between a range (for example: ~

3. User Name


I know there are some condition terms provided to us like equals (=), matches, and so on.


I could get all of the assets without adding any IP condition, but I got none of assets while I try to add the condition to the IP address.


I try to add the condition to the network name, it works. So I know the template should be okay.


Would you please help to guide me how to do? Thanks.

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What condition are you trying to add to the IP address?

For the report, this field is a string, not a number, so unfortunately it's not possible to add a condition "less than". It is possible to add something like "matches 192.168.*", but it will also include everything from subnets 16, 17, etc. However you can do that, and then sort the resulting table by IP address and then remove everything unnecessary after the export.

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Hello, is the ip range condition.


Refer to the last reply, I tried to use



IP address ~ Matches "172.21.51.*"

IP address ~ Matches "172.21.52.*"

IP address ~ Matches "172.21.53.*"





to include all of subnets.


I am not sure if you and the team would like to plan to simplify the condition for IP range condition one day? I look forward to seeing your feedback.


Many thanks.

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