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Users Database causes CPU load over 50% over 2 minutes

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TNI is installed on Windows Server 2008 R2. The latest version is installed.


TNI causes over 50% CPU load everytime I click on the Users. We have Domain Users and manually added Users. 

Is it scanning AD every time i click on the Users? It takes about 2 minutes until another click is possible. 


I disabled AD synchronisation in the options, and I think the problem persists since the integration of AD scan. 


Our scanning options are: Asynchronous Engine for devices. Nmap-Engine for port scanning. 


Is there any option in settings to solve this problem? 


Best regards.

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The problem persists after reinstall of TNI.

I copied the .users file from the old store to the new one. 

I'm wondering if the .users file in the TNI store is loaded every time I click on edit - users? 

It seems to be. 

Any way to keep the .users file cached or something? 

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Hi again,


We have found the possible cause for this. When you click "Edit - Users", AD is not queried at all, but the .users file is opened, queried and closed multiple times (trying to load an avatar for each user even if it's not present). I'm not sure why this causes such loads and delays on your system, because usually it happens very quickly.

Anyway, we have optimized this, and this fix will be available in the next build of version 3.1.1. There will be a delay when you open "Users" the first time in this build (the program will rebuild some data), but all other times it will be almost immediate.

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