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Problem with Tracking software

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I believe I'm running into this issue too with TNI v2.2.3 build 1539.


I was attempting to generate a simple list of computer names that did NOT have a piece of software installed on them.  (I failed miserably at this and have no idea how to do this and discovered I am completely lost in the Software Accounting tab which is why I avoid that tab.)  Anyway, I somehow managed to flag some software items in the Software Accounting list with that red colored 'Absence' icon.  I can find no way to get rid of that.  I click the gray colored 'x' but it simply does nothing.  I can click the green colored 'Presence' item and it will change the selected item to that colored icon, but clicking the light gray colored 'x' next to the Track item doesn't clear things and I have items in the Software Accounting tab stuck with that colored Presence/Absence icon on them.

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