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Sync with AD?

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I'm very excited about the Sync with Active Directory feature!  However, I have a question on how to tell if it's doing something.


I have installed the newest TNI update and enabled the option to sync AD on startup.  I restarted TNI and nothing appears to be happening.  (There's no indication that it's doing anything.)


So I right clicked on my TNI Storage and selected "Synchronize with AD", but again, nothing has the appearance that any sync is occuring and the number of assets in my storage branches remains unchanged.


I normally log into my workstation with a standard user account and also run TNI as a standard user account.  So I closed TNI and did a 'run as administrator' on TNI thinking perhaps it needed to be run as a domain administrator on my workstation before the synchronization would take off.  However, that also does not seem to be doing anything.  My TNI is functioning as normal.


Is the synchronization doing something hidden behind the scenes and I just need to wait longer for some indication that the synchronization is going?


Not sure if this info makes a difference, but in my TNI, I had setup branches in my TNI Storage to mimic our AD branches and OU structure.  But the OU level in AD that contains all our sub-OU branches with our AD workstations isn't actually at the top level of our AD.

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Hmm, nevermind!  Wouldn't you know it, 10 minutes after I posted this, my TNI Storage is going crazy with updating the storage folder structures, etc. now.  Apparently it took a bit of time in the background to read in our AD structure before anything visible in TNI started to occur.


If I have any further questions or issues, I'll post a followup topic here.

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Hi Hemo2,


Thanks for your comments.


As you have already found out, it's really doing something hidden behind the scene. Obviously we would need to add some indication of the sync process.


Also we're going to try to optimize the syncing to go faster in large networks.


And finally, as I understand, you have several empty levels of the OU structure, and only then goes the OU with computers and other sub-OUs, right? Then we would need to add a possibility to specify which OU to sync from (to be different from the AD root).

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Hi Zak.  I appreciate the reply.  A notification that a sync is occuring would be great and of course if it can be made faster, that's even better!  :)


With the syncing with AD and the OU levels, I think it will work the way it is.  Where our computers are in AD isn't on a branch immediately off the root of AD.  When we originally setup our TNI Storage, of course the top level inside of TNI is where we started our computers and we simply manually created folders in the TNI Storage to mimic our AD structure.  With the new sync with AD in TNI, after I have had time to work with it, I think it will work as is.  Even though we are getting the entire AD structure in our TNI Storage now after a sync, things are still organized such that we can run reports, etc. on the main branches that have our computers contained underneath it.  So I don't think a change is necessary on your end.  Thank you.

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Well, I just thought it would be more convenient to choose where do you want to start your sync from, so we're going to add it anyway. For example, you will need to have fewer levels of nesting (skip those levels where you don't have any computers), which will make the network tree narrower, and for other reasons as well.

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