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Online / Offline Status not working since 2.2.1

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There is an issue regarding the display of the online / offline status in TNI since the version 2.2.1. The Issue occurs especially in routed networks with more than 300 clients to monitor.

Usually the status stalls with a yellow dot, the first half of the clients is displayed, and the rest is not even pinged. (The status is not displayed properly even if I change the engine, which should be used.)

When I downgrade to the Version 2.2.0 with the nmap engine, it works fine.

Greetings, Karel



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What about the Classic engine in build 1490?


What we changed between 1483 and 1490 is that the ARP ping is not used for monitoring of the online state anymore. In 1483 it's still used. However it gives incorrect results on Windows XP (when an asset goes offline, it still shows as online for about 10 minutes, as its MAC is still present in the ARP table), and also if there is Proxy ARP enabled on a switch or router.


Are all your PCs on static or dynamic IP addressing? (static IPs have a padlock icon next to the IP address in the tree, and dynamic IPs don't have it).

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