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Internet Explorer 10 is not found on my machine.

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Internet Explorer 10 is not found on my machine.


It is found as Internet Explorer 9 however Microsoft has updated it to version 10. MS left the Version key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Version equal to 9.10.9200.16576


but added a key called svcUpdateVersion and svcVersion that indicates version 10



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I noticed for machines with IE 10, we are getting a version number showing of "9.10.9200.xxxxx".  (Note the "9" at the beginning of the reported version number.)


I looked in the registry at "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer" and the "Version" value does in fact show this 9.10.9200.xxxxx version number, even though IE10 installed on the computer.


I noticed in the registry at the same key, there is a "svcVersion" value entry and it is set to "10.0.9200.xxxxx", which is more what you'd expect to see from a computer with IE10 installed.


Is the issue that Microsoft does not properly update the "Version" registry value that programs are reporting on, or would TNI now need to check multiple locations to properly report the IE version number?


I think we can use that 9.10.9200.xxxxx verison number from TNI reports to tell who has IE10 installed, but it's a bit odd to see the "9" at the beginning of the version number.

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Hi Hemo2,


As you can see from the posts above, this issue has been already fixed (in version 2.2.1 build 1462, released on June 4, 2013). So I merged the topics to avoid duplication.


We really had to start looking for svcVersion parameter first, and if it's not present, then read the Version parameter (workaround for IE10).


Perhaps you need to update tniwinagent.exe if you are using domain logon script. The version of this file must be larger than (it's version is actually a date of last change in YY.MM.DD.00 format).

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Hi Zak.  Thanks for the quick reply.  After seeing your comment, the version of the "tniwinagent" is the cause of our issue.  We do have the newest version of TNI, but we never deployed the newer version of the tniwinagent.exe in our login script scanning because of the much larger size of it than previous versions and our concern with bandwidth.  I'm not sure that we will deploy the newer tniwinagent because of this and will have to make do with deciphering the IE version looking at the overal number and not the '9' at the beginning.

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Hi Hemo2,


We're going to implement the changes discussed in nearby topics (caching and/or predeployment of the agent), to compensate its increased size. Because I don't think the size will decrease, considering that we plan to add a driver for more accurate hardware detection.


Meanwhile you can download the latest small tniwinagent.exe, which includes the IE10 fix (from version released on July 3, 2013).

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