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Problem to logon as a domain administrator

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I have just installed the latest version of Total Network Inventory and then registrated the software with the licence key.


I have a problem to logon as a domain administrator in the program. I go to "Setup logins" and adding a new user under "Default Windows login". Under "Alias" I type Administrator, under "User" I type our domain\administrator and under "Password" I type my administrators password. Then I try to scan a server on our domain but get a message: Scan failed: SMB: Acces denied. what could the problem be?

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Have you selected the added login in the scanner? If you mark it as default, make sure that it's specified in the Windows logins column when you add a scan task.

Also check if this login has enough rights to access this particular server. Try to open "\\servername\admin$" shared folder in Explorer using this login.

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