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Cannot Scan Child Domains

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We are running TNI 2 and we can scan our parent domain (fake domain due to security) ca.mycompany.com without out issues. When we try to scan one of the child domains afa.mycompany.com and more  we either get RPC server is unavailable, Access Denied etc. We performed all the troubleshooting for RPC NetBios, DNS etc plus DC test and we can successfully connect using wmi via htttp, SMB etc and there is no firewal and no UAC as these re 2003 servers.. We are in the local admin and domain admins so the only thing that does not work is TNI 2.

Please help? Does TNI 2 support child domains?

Thanks, in Advance, mr.techman61

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The problem is not in the support of child domains, there is no need to support them specifically. The problem is in access rights. If you can access a computer's "admin$" shared resource, you will be able to scan it (via SMB protocol; RPC protocol is more tedious to set up properly). If you are using a user that is domain admin in your parent domain, make sure that it's an admin in the child domain too and that it's a member of the Local Admins ground on the computers from that domain. If you are using a user from a child domain, make sure to specify the user name in full format (DOMAINNAME\Username) to avoid any ambiguity.

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