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Version Autoupdate check?

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Does TNI do an "automatic" check for new updated versions of TNI over the internet when it is run?


The reason I ask is due to how our corporate environement works and our firewall logging.  We generally log into our workstations with a standard user account but do a 'run as' on TNI with our admin accounts.  If TNI is automatically doing an auto update check for new versions out to the internet, the firewall is logging activity as our admin account on the internet.


If TNI is doing this automatic update check when its' run, I didn't see any options to disable this, but would it be possible to change this to an "auto check for updates" option in your settings, so you could turn this off/on as desired?

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As long as I'm wishing for new features!  I know others use TNI differently, but for us where we're just inventorying computers on our domain, it would be helpful if there were some way to run a routine in TNI to compare the asset records stored in my TNI with actual computer names on our domain.  And if a computer exists in my TNI but not on our domain anymore, then delete the record from TNI.  We have many techs spread out across a very wide area and they constantly put computers on the domain, remove them, rename them, etc. and we get residual records in TNI for computers that don't really exist.

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