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Problem with identical hardware

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Hello, I'm having trouble scanning some network switches.


I have many network switches in my business and when I scan them, although they have different IP addresses, they are not added to "storage inventory", only the last one that was scanned. I suspect the problem is because they possess hadwares equal. I wonder if you could check this?


I am also having the same problem to scan ThinClients (OS: Windows 7 Thin PC) that were cloned. I wonder if the latter problem is due to the fact that the SID's are equal or because the hardware machines are equals.




Renato Debruem




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Please send us the following information for analysis to support@softinventive.com:

1. Three files with scan results for three different switches.

2. Three files with scan results for three different thin clients (D525 - nettops?).

You can generate them this way: scan the first switch, right-click it's record in the left panel and choose "Show in Explorer". It will show you a file with INV extension. This is the file we need. Then delete it in the program, scan the second one, open, copy somewhere, delete again, scan the third. Then do the same for the nettops. We will analyze the files, because we need to see more than you show on the screenshots, and probably make necessary fixes. Thank you.

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