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  1. Hello,

    We have an idea to implement SSL configuration into the program and this feature is in our to-do list. But unfortunately, it is not possible in the current version of NO.

  2. Hi,

    If we understood you correctly, a resident agent should suit your purposes.
    Before setting up a resident agent, you need first set up a communication method so that the agent can send scan results. 

    Then go to the Scanner tab, switch to the resident agent section on the sidebar and add a Profile with configuring it. You can also need to add Schedule tasks so that the agent could execute scanning tasks and send scanning results at the specified schedule.
    Then export the agent with profiles by clicking the appropriate button to a remote computer. Please note that all configured profiles will be exported. You need to find the required profile by opening the configuration files and finding it by the Profile name inside. When the necessary conf file is found, rename the name of the file from the long name (for example) tniwinagent_{DAD9B996-A618-4498-B958-BC507CA2BE7B}.ini to tniwinagent.ini
    Launch the agent in the command line:
    tniwinagent.exe /install /start /testrun

    Then the agent will start as a service, perform scanning and send scanning results with the corresponded configuration.

    Please note that the described export method is displayed for a resident agent that is exported and manually started. If you perform actions from the main TNI module, then the configuration processes are greatly simplified.

  3. Hi Krath!

    The correct entries must be entered in the following format:

    It is possible that you have access issues. The resident agent performs actions with NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM rights, which may be not enough for working with a network filesystem that requires authentication in a domain. Even though, the resource can be opened for all domain users.

    To solve this matter, please try creating a new user with minimum privileges for this. Then go to Data transfer that is used in the resident agent and specify a name and a password for the required method.

  4. Hi!

    You can try the following solution:

    1. Download the Office Deployment Tool for your version of Office.
    2. Launch it and save the Click-to-Run setup.exe to the folder of choice.
    3. In TSD, add the newly created setup.exe to the Software storage as a multi-file installer by ticking the checkbox and specify the path to the Office distribution folder (if you don't have the distribution, the folder where the Click-to-Run setup file is).
    4. In the Software editor, click Configuration to expand the settings and configure the XML using the panel or manually (click the icon on the right for Advanced). Set a comfortable timeout for the installer.
    4a. If you don't have the distribution files, make a test run with the /download parameter: the files will be downloaded to the Software storage. The same timeout value will be used.
    5. Deploy using parameter /configure.

  5. Hi!

    Unfortunately, we don't have any good news on this matter. 

    Our team inspected the query and found out that it can be difficult to implement this in the current version of TNI. So, we cannot delight you with that.
    It is possible that this feature may appear in our other product.

  6. Hello!

    Could you please clarify your request concerning the data refreshment?

    If you log in to the program from other devices in your local area, the data has to be renewed immediately and the program displays you latest information. 
    Concerning the data refreshment in Actions and Notifications, the time period of the information refreshment from sensors is set according to the configuration of the mentioned tools.

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