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  1. Hi Uzan, Yes, Ubuntu is a part of Unix OS. If all requirements are met, you can scan computers with these systems.
  2. Hi! Unfortunately, we don't have any good news on this matter. Our team inspected the query and found out that it can be difficult to implement this in the current version of TNI. So, we cannot delight you with that. It is possible that this feature may appear in our other product.
  3. Hi! To analyze the issue we`d need more information. Please send us details of your actions performed and your general conditions at support@softinventive.com
  4. Hi Clay! Nevertheless we will post the information for other users. To scan your network devices without AD information you need just to specify the network range in the Scanner tab and start scanning. Please note that in this case, the AD synchronization must be excluded and similar tasks excluded as well.
  5. Hi Gene! Unfortunately, it`s not possible in the current version of TNI. We have forwarded your request to our developers and it may be implemented in the future updates. Thank you for your request!
  6. Hi! Please merge the required programs in the Software accounting tab and then attach a license to the group. Please don`t forget to tick the specified option as it`s shown on the screenshot.
  7. Bom Dia, É altamente possível que você esteja usando uma versão quebrada do TNI. Baixe a versão mais recente da TNI em nosso site e reinstale o programa.
  8. You are right, but TNI is unable to rely on the data that contain such information, due to their absence. That is why we recommend entering the warranty information manually.
  9. Dear Kevin, Thank you for your willingness to help us but, unfortunately, we cannot speed up the development of the agent. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.
  10. Hello! Could you please clarify your request concerning the data refreshment? If you log in to the program from other devices in your local area, the data has to be renewed immediately and the program displays you latest information. Concerning the data refreshment in Actions and Notifications, the time period of the information refreshment from sensors is set according to the configuration of the mentioned tools.
  11. Hi! This is one of the most popular requests among our TSD users. The feature is on our to-do list and may be implemented in the future.
  12. Hello, In the current version of TNI it is not possible.
  13. Hi Marcel! You can download TNI version 3.0.1 following the link here: http://www.softinventive.com/downloads/tni-setup-
  14. Please, make sure that you`ve specified a correct login (community) for the SNMP protocol. Try checking your credentials using some third-party applications like MIB Browser or Free Tools.
  15. Buen día, El número de instalaciones de software con la misma clave de licencia no está limitado. Sin embargo, el número total de computadoras y dispositivos de red inventariados por todas las instalaciones no debe exceder el número de licencia, es decir, la licencia debe cubrir todas las computadoras y dispositivos administrados por todas las instalaciones. Puede encontrar esta información en nuestro EULA: http://www.softinventive.com/files/tni-eula.pdf
  16. Hello, Lucas. We need to analyze the logs to find out what's going on. Please go to C:\Program files(86)\Network Olympus\Bin\Logs Then find and open the file OlympusScanner.Scanner.log. Attach the log here or send us at support@softinventive.com
  17. Hello, You can do it by merging different software versions into a single item. In Software accounting - Software find and select the versions you'd like to merge. Select all versions of the software in the main list. To make a multiple selection, drag your mouse or use Shift-clicking and Ctrl-clicking. Then click the Merge button on the bottom panel. You can find more details on this page: https://docs.softinventive.com/tni/user-manual/software-asset-management/software-management/inspecting-a-software-item/merging-software-items After that you can attach a license to the merged software item. If you have other questions don`t hesitate to contact us.
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