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  1. A comparison option between two or more snapshots would be a desirable option. In the software area in particular, updates would be better tracked. Eine Vergleichsoption zwischen zwei oder mehr Snapshots wäre eine wünschenswerte Option. Insbesonders im Softwarebereich würden sich so Updates besser nachverfolgen.
  2. I don't have this kind of option, i can only mark "Debug" in the "Scanner Tab". And i just have an "tniwinagnt-*.log" file in "C:\ProgramData\Total Network Inventory" The log above is the only reference to a host with the problem in this file i found. Logfile was send
  3. I have the same problem randomly. There's not much in the log: NB-HHOSP-9 ( Dieser Computer kann über das SMB-Protokoll gescannt werden, aber der folgende Fehler verhindert dies: SMB: Datendatei nicht erzeugt . . . 2020.07.31 14:36:51.397 [DEBUG] NB-HHOSP-9 > [85%] AdditionalInfo: 20110 ms 2020.07.31 14:36:51.783 [DEBUG] NB-HHOSP-9 > [85%] MonitorInfo: 328 ms 2020.07.31 14:36:51.952 [DEBUG] NB-HHOSP-9 > [90%] Security: 172 ms 2020.07.31 14:36:51.952 [DEBUG] NB-HHOSP-9 > Databases: not scanned 2020.07.31 14:36:51.952 [DEBUG] NB-HHOSP-9 > USB History: not scanned 2020.07.31 14:36:51.952 [DEBUG] NB-HHOSP-9 > WLAN networks: not scanned 2020.07.31 14:36:51.952 [DEBUG] NB-HHOSP-9 > VMs: not scanned 2020.07.31 14:36:51.952 [DEBUG] NB-HHOSP-9 > [95%] Total scan time: 71437 ms 2020.07.31 14:36:51.952 [DEBUG] NB-HHOSP-9 > Postprocessing... 2020.07.31 14:36:51.960 [DEBUG] zxmlo2 <> nil 2020.07.31 14:36:51.985 [DEBUG] NB-HHOSP-9 > Postprocessing finished 2020.07.31 14:36:51.985 [DEBUG] NB-HHOSP-9 > [95%] Postprocessing: 32 ms 2020.07.31 14:36:52.037 [DEBUG] NB-HHOSP-9 > Scan finished
  4. Hi, i've got a problem with the "Scanner" Feature. It seems that, if i start a scan and don't jump back to "edit list" or "clean up finished" the scanner freezez after some time in this state (see Screenshot). I can press the stop button but without any effect. I always need to restart the service in the Task Manager. Greetings, Matthias
  5. Ah ok, thanks a lot. That solved one of my Problems! Didn't see there was a merge button :-)
  6. Hi there, is there an option to merge all the different "minor-Versions" in one "software-product"? Example Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013 - de-de 15.0.4433.1508 Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013 - de-de 15.0.4727.1003 => Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013 The Problem is that i have a mix of retail and VL Keys and a very high number of different software Versions (minor-versions) Another problem i have is that i can't seperate Retail and VL Keys / Versions in the Key-Field. So the number of activations is impossible to handle. Greetings, Matthias
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