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New version released

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The new version of Total Network Inventory 1.6.5 (build 1848) has been released. Here is the list of updates:



Added: Printable reports in two formats - A4 and Letter.


Added: A number of new export options for printable reports.


Added: An option to scan only new computers in Scan Wizard.


Added: Multiple monitors and adapters are inventoried and reported.


Added: MAC address in General information and custom tabular report.


Improved: Scan stability (when scanned computer is shut down, scan does not hang indefinitely) and speed.


Improved: Setting node type manually (notebook or workstation, switch or router, etc.)


Improved: Antivirus software category remade into Security and now shows automatic updates status, antivirus, firewall and antispyware information.


Improved: Multimonitor-aware interface, remembering window position.


Improved: Optimized file saving in both agent and main program (especially when saving to a network folder).


Improved: Full WYSIWYG for printable reports (exported reports and print-outs look as close to the preview as possible).


Improved: Network tree heavily upgraded - multiselection, drag-n-drop, updated context menu and a dozen of other usability improvements.


Improved: Status bar shows selected and total number of computers, devices and groups in a new manner.


Other minor fixes and improvements.



It can be downloaded here: http://www.softinventive.com/downloads/tni-update.exe


Feel free to post your comments on this version here.

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