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New version released

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The new version of Total Network Inventory 1.6.0 (build 1260) has been released. Here is the list of updates:



Added: Inventory of SNMP-enabled network devices (routers, printers, managed switches, etc).


Added: Italian language for interface and user manual.


Added: Different icons for different types of nodes in the tree (workstations, servers, laptops, network devices).


Added: Checking of online/offline status of all nodes.


Added: Microsoft Office service pack is determined in the list of installed software.


Added: Microsoft Office serial No. and product key is shown in the list of installed software, besides "OS information".


Added: Tabular reports are now searchable (Binoculars button, Ctrl+F, F3).


Added: List of computers which does not have particular software installed, in "Software and licenses" tabular report.


Added: Setting for separation character (for saving of tabular reports to CSV files).


Added: Setting for locking of toolbars.


Added: Output of BIOS serial number (and a corresponding field for custom tabular report).


Added: Output of network connection speed in netwok adapter information (implemented in WMI only for Vista and Server 2008).


Fixed: Reading of Windows product key and Office 2007 product key in Vista 64 bit.


Fixed: Error when processing corrupted XML data files.


Fixed: Missed one item of installed software and Program Files folder in brief reports.


Improved: Adding of compressed data files.


Improved: Reading of "Program Files" folder path.


Improved: New version check moved to separate thread.


Other minor fixes and improvements.



It can be downloaded here: http://www.softinventive.com/downloads/tni-update.exe


Feel free to post your comments on this version here.

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