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  1. OK - the first error above was because the Unix admin had disabled the account within sudoers for troubleshooting until we got an answer. The issue is we are trying to use a regular account to run the scan. So we add a command into the sudoers file to run the scan program, but it appears because the file (tnilinagent_x64) with the aurguments, which may not be able to be globbed (this is the Unix guys terms) presented to it doesn't actually exist when it elevates the user to root, it ignores the syntax, and it appears that about half of the files that needed to be executad do not exist in CentOS. Below is the syntax we are using - however, using this syntax, this is where we get this error: "Cannot create file "C:\Users.....". The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect" Cmnd_Alias SCAN = /bin/arch, /bin/df, /usr/bin/head, /sbin/ifconfig, /sbin/iptables, /sbin/iptables-save, /bin/ls, /bin/ps, /sbin/pvdisplay, /sbin/pvscan, /sbin /route, /bin/rpm, /sbin/swapon, /bin/uname /sbin/service, /sbin/chkconfig, /home/scanman/tnilinagent_x64 <scanning-userid> ALL=(SCAN) Can you provide an example of the syntax including the arguments please?
  2. We are trying to be able to scan a *nix system without having the user be a root account. Is this possible?
  3. Get following error: Scan failed: SSH: (95%) Cannot create file "C:\Users\tmmathen\AppData\Local\Temp\1\TNITEMPSCANDIR\etc\sudoers: syntax error near line 26 <<< sudo: parse error in \etc\sudoers near line 26 sudo: no valid sudoers sources found, quitting". The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect
  4. What happened to 1.7.0? It's been 9 months.
  5. Is there a way to only scan every x logons, or every x days, rather than EVERY logon?
  6. OK - had older version of TNI installed - upgraded, will test - Thanx Zak!
  7. Here's my file - do the compressscandata and scandelay have to be the first two entries?? [TNIAUDIT] scandelay=600 savepath=\\Achouston\TNIDATA\Data defaultipoption=0 compressscandata=0 usedipaddress= [inventory] General information=1 Processor details=1 Motherboard details=1 System memory=1 ###### system=1 Storage details=1 Multimedia details=1 Network adapters=1 Peripheral devices=1 Modems=1 Devices=1 OS information=1 Hotfixes=1 Installed software=1 Program files=1 Autorun applications=1 Database engines=1 Environment=1 Shared resources=1 Processes=1 Services=1 User accounts=1 Security=1 Win32_Product=0
  8. I have it set for 600, and it still kicks off immediately. We have the tniaudit.exe on a shared folder and call it from there like this: start \\servername\TNIDATA\tniaudit.exe /scripted Will this have it use the tniaudit.ini file in the same location?? EDIT: well, it must because it is honoring the other parameters in that .ini file!
  9. Is there any way to delay the start of tniaudit.exe, say for 5 or 10 minutes after a workstation is booted or logged in to? It just competes with everything else the system is doing right after a log on.
  10. When do you plan on adding the ability to rename a computer scan from within the interface? (for when computer names get changed)
  11. When it starts up, the splash screen is off to the side, and popup windows (such as "Scanning") are off to the side and only half way on the monitor (the outside of the monitor, so the right side of the dialog is not visible - Ihave to drag it back onto the center of the monitor) - this is running with the extended desktop.
  12. The ability to right click on a computer and change it's inventory name, and then the program would modify the .xml file for me. There is a lot of turnover where I work, and doing this manually (or deleting the old name and scanning the new one) is a PITA (since the SW and HW didn't change!).
  13. I finally said not to copy files and just let it show me the command line. Still, no reason it can't copy the files, I'm logged in as a domain admin!!
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