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  1. I know they changed to using a MAC address because they were having problems with duplicates when a computer name changes. When you change out a motherboard, almost everything changes about the computer, even the serial number. If they went back to using the computer's name, they'd have more duplicate issues than using the MAC address. Not sure there's a solution to this. Something has to give, you know?
  2. Yes, that would work fine for backups too. Not a problem at all to do a recursive backup.
  3. That sounds great! It will take up less space as well. Will they still be individual files? I'd like to know so I know if I can use the same backup method.
  4. Hi, been a while since I been on, but I like what I'm hearing. Will it be XML or some other format?
  5. Well, email me if you want me to test! :)
  6. Oh, and here I'm thinking you're talking about 1.6.6 but you weren't! Well if you need any beta testing, just let me know. *hint hint* :)
  7. I like the new version! I have a question. What's the difference between Rescan and Rescan (fast)? Wouldn't I always want to the scan to be fast? :)
  8. Hey ass, don't go spamming MY threads!!!! What's wrong with you?!
  9. Hey, it's not very nice to talk to support that way. Win 98, the same with '95, is a consumer OS and based on technology that can't easily be scanned. Some competition may scan it, but 99% of the time you'll need to either do what Zak said or at least install something manually on the machine first. I can scan NT4 computers and that OS is even older than Win 98. So GOOOOOOOOOD ef-ing LUCK!
  10. ack! who uses Windows 98 any more? they should be shot :)
  11. yeah also with the agent. I almost use that exclusively.
  12. Can you add hard drive temperature? thanx!
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