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  1. Hello.....from my previous post, I can say that antivirus is displayed in Security Center on the XP Pro SP3 with Symantec Corporate Edition. I cannot verify that the AVG Network Edition is displayed in Security Center. "Thank you.....here is the info: XP Pro SP3 running AVG Network Edition vers. 8.5 on a different pc: XP Pro SP3 running Symantec Corporate Edition Vers. 10.0" Thanks, Marianne
  2. Thank you.....here is the info: XP Pro SP3 running AVG Network Edition vers. 8.5 on a different pc: XP Pro SP3 running Symantec Corporate Edition Vers. 10.0
  3. Thanks for that information. I downloaded and ran the Windows Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Tool without success. The tool provides the OS name and what type of license it is but provides only the last 5 digits of the license key. The balance of the license key is starred out. Any chance of getting an upgrade in TNI to resolve this issue? Thanks, Marianne Swann
  4. This is what I get for a Win7 License Key: BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB
  5. Hello, On several recent scans, I find that some machines report NO anti virus present. Yet when I actually visit that machine to check on the av....it is present, updated and running. Can you assist with this issue? This is on machines where av is pushed from a server so the local install should be default. Thanks in advance for any hints on this one. Marianne
  6. Hello, On a recent scan I find that tni is not able to read the Win7 OS license key. It is reporting an encrypted license key. Is there a way around this issue? Please help. Thanks, Marianne
  7. I am not referring to either of those scenarios. Logon script runs after user authenticates to the network. Then any time after that......either at end of day or another time during the day......user restarts or shuts down and receives "TNI.exe is not responding". I don't understand why the service is still running. I thought the service initiated with the logon script and then ended itself once the information was copied to the folder for TNI reports.
  8. Hello, I have TNI running as part of the logon script and it seems to be running perfectly. The problem is when a machine is rebooted or shut down. The TNI.exe hangs and reports as not responding. Since this is running remotely without the logged on user being aware of it's presence, we want to minimize this concern. Can you offer a reason and solution to this issue? Many thanks, Marianne
  9. The tni script runs from the server and should be capturing every machine/user when they authenticate to the domain. This is a tni script only, not a group policy script. I didn't have to do anything previously with any users in regards to my tni script file and the user's AD properties so I am unsure what you mean here. We simply put the script out on the server and it is capturing the users as they authenticate to the domain with the exception of the newest user for some reason. I check the tni data folder periodically in order to capture information. All of the other user's data is showing with a current "last updated" field with the exception of the new user on the existing machine. The tni script is still capturing the machine and reporting the former user profile and reporting June 2008. The new user has been using this machine for several months now but the tni script is not capturing her profile logon to the network
  10. Hello, I need assistance please! I have a logon script set up on the network to capture user/machine data when users authenticate to the network. It seems that my logon script is not capturing information for one of the users for some reason. Here is the scenario: This is an existing pc/laptop on the domain. The previous user is no longer with the company and therefore no longer authenticates on this machine. The problem comes in where the new employee has been set up with their own profile on that existing machine but tni script will not pick up the new user. The script still picks up the pc/laptop with the previous user information showing that they have not authenticated since June of 2008. Why is it NOT picking up the new user on this machine and showing us current authentication information? Do I need to make a correction to my script or should it be dynamic? Thanks in advance, Marianne
  11. In regards to the "True" or "False" flag on the AV being up to date......where can I get solid information on how the system reads a true or false. For example....what is the time frame that would trigger a "False" in the up to date field, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month...etc? Can you provide or is this something I need to question MS about?
  12. Adding AV detection without the need for Security Center would be a welcome addition....looking forward to it. In the meantime, can you help me by letting me know what TNI is searching to determine if the antivirus is up to date? and is there any way to be able to list a date for the AV definitions file? Similar to how TNI currently lists the dates for Windows Updates. Thanks in advance, Marianne
  13. Hello, I have been trying but cannot find a way to generate a report that will show a list of computers that have a specific piece of software installed. I can run a report which will show each computer with all installed software but that is not helping. I have run the list of installed software and can right click and export the list of pc's to excel but is there a way to automate this and have the report builder report on software instead of on each machine. Thanks in advance. Marianne
  14. Thanks so much for your quick response. Do you know if there is a plan to integrate with AD sometime in the future? Regards, marianne
  15. The Total Network Inventory manual indicates that the Scan Wizard will scan all nodes currently connected to the network whether via wireless, VPN, or LAN. Is there a way to have this scan refer or check back against AD so we know how many nodes we have missed that are part of the domain but not currently connected? Any recommendations would be appreciated. Marianne
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