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  1. Hi, the parameters for automation are not working anymore starting with version 4.2.5. Could you update the possible parameters for silent install and uninstall please..? If I use: "%PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Total Network Inventory 2\unins000.exe" /SILENT i get the error: Runtime Error (at 95:119): Could not call proc. Greetings, Karel
  2. Hi Alex, could you please increase the priority for the scanning of ESXi 6? The new version 3.2.1 still does not support it. kind regards
  3. Hi, please add support for vmWare ESXi 6 to the scan agent. kind regards
  4. Hi Zak, thank you for the info. Works great! Greetings, Karel
  5. Hi Zak, is there a parameter for the TNI v3 setup to install nmap as well? currently I use for the installation the commandline and it is working great: tni-setup.exe /SILENT /MERGETASKS="!desktopicon" Kind greetings, karel
  6. Confirmed: the command line switch /nodriver is working fine. No blue screens on previously affected computers. A little suggestion: a good thing would be a help in the tniwinagent.exe like "tniwinagent.exe /?" where the parameters a explained a bit, and the default settings are wirtten.
  7. The bluescreen does happen in the version 3.0.1 build 1675 with the TNIWINAGENT.EXE as well.
  8. First I would like to emphasize the idea of customizing the TNIWINAGENT.EXE with command line parameters. This would be helpful for systems that work with scripted scans (as we do). Secondly a possible workaround for the BOSD issue: Use the TNIWINAGENT.EXE from the TNI version 2.x. This scanner did never cause any blue screens, because the deep hardware scan is possibly not being used. The .inv files which are created with the agent v2.x can be read with the TNI version 3.x.
  9. The bluescreen does happen in the version 3.0.0 build 1653 with the TNIWINAGENT.EXE as well.
  10. hi, I have bad news. The Bluescreen occurs with the agent build 1630 as well. Greetings.
  11. Hello, I experience a bluescreen on Windows 7 x64 every time i run the tniwinagent.exe from the version 3.0.0 build 1601 and build 1627 on workstations with a certain ahci controller. The bluescreen occurs in the driver iaStorS.sys (Fileversion: of the “Intel C600 Series Chispet SAS”-Controller. At the moment I have Lenovos S30 and D30, where this happens. The driverexeption does not happen, when I scan the pc with the tniwinagent.exe from the TNI version 2. I could not attach the minidump file from a scan I ran today. If you need it, I will send it via E-Mail. If you need further information, I would be happy to help. Greetings
  12. Hi Zak, I have tested a bit the new Version 3.0 of TNI. The Driver Version feature is still missing in the Devices Section. (There is only a rudimentary implementation for the display drivers.) I would like to point out, that this is really a very important and a very useful feature. (Some vendors have their own Driver-management solutions. Like Lenovo System Update or HP SoftPaq Manager. Some Vendors do not have a driver management at all.) In my humble opinion many people would be thankful for an implementation of this. Greetings, Karel
  13. Hi, the classic engine works quite well after the start of the program. About 10 minutes later the status disappears.
  14. Hi, I would like to emphasize, that it would be important to scan drivers and driver versions on a PC. For a system administrator it is very important to identify installed driver versions on a PC that have bugs or security issues. It would be a great feature, if the scanning agent could get this information as well. Here is some further reading to the issue: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/nvidia-gpu-security-driver-exploit,20039.html http://www.esecurityplanet.com/views/article.php/3631261/Dont-Ignore-DeviceDriver-Dangers.htm http://www.securityfocus.com/news/11189 Greetings, Karel
  15. Hi, I have a suggestion for Wake-on-LAN: The suggested version in the blog entry uses only a mac address for the wol command. This works only on the same Layer 2 segment (within a IP subnet). A good enhancement would be, if you could use a WOL-command that does support sending packet over L3 with a IP-network broadcast address. (You need to calculate the Broadcast IP for the subnet and have it as variable i.e. %PC-Subnetbroadcast%) We use this tool for WOL over a routed network environment. http://masterbootrecord.de/english/wakeup.php Example 1: for a PC with the ip /24 wake.exe 00-00-34-ab-ff-ff Additional Information: ------------------------------------------------ TCP/IP NETWORK INFORMATION ------------------------------------------------ IP Entered = ..................: CIDR = ........................: /24 Netmask = .....................: Netmask (hex) = ...............: 0xffffff00 Wildcard Bits = ...............: ------------------------------------------------ Network Address = .............: Broadcast Address = ...........: Usable IP Addresses = .........: 254 First Usable IP Address = .....: Last Usable IP Address = ......: Example 2: for a PC with the ip /28 wake.exe 00-00-34-ab-ff-ff Additional Information: ------------------------------------------------ TCP/IP NETWORK INFORMATION ------------------------------------------------ IP Entered = ..................: CIDR = ........................: /28 Netmask = .....................: Netmask (hex) = ...............: 0xfffffff0 Wildcard Bits = ...............: ------------------------------------------------ Network Address = .............: Broadcast Address = ...........: Usable IP Addresses = .........: 14 First Usable IP Address = .....: Last Usable IP Address = ......:
  16. After the update to build 1483 the online status worked quite fine. (it took about 1 minute to update the status for 321 PCs) With the update to build 1490 the bug is a bit back again with the nmap engine and the async engine. (it takes about 5 to 10 minutes to update the status for 321 PCs)
  17. Hi, There is an issue regarding the display of the online / offline status in TNI since the version 2.2.1. The Issue occurs especially in routed networks with more than 300 clients to monitor. Usually the status stalls with a yellow dot, the first half of the clients is displayed, and the rest is not even pinged. (The status is not displayed properly even if I change the engine, which should be used.) When I downgrade to the Version 2.2.0 with the nmap engine, it works fine. Greetings, Karel
  18. Hi Zak, Is there anything new regarding the driver version scan in TNI 2.2.0? Greetings, Karel
  19. Hi Zak, Thanks for the info. FYI regarding automation: We need to automate the installation process for our administrative computers (4 PCs). We have this requirement for all software products in our company, all installations must be automated by 100%. It would be great, if you could implement a switch to make the message box disappear. Greetings, Karel
  20. Hello Zak, Could you describe, which parameters are possible for an unattanded setup? We found the tni-setup.exe /SILENT and /RUN for an unattended setup with starting TNI after the Setup. Does the c:\Program Files (x86)\Total Network Inventory 2\unins000.exe /SILENT uninstall TNI silent as well? Greetings, Karel
  21. Hello, I would like to suggest an enhancement in the hardware section. I think, that it would be useful to display the driver versions for the devices in the hardware devices view. There are WMI classes in the context root\cimv2 for this like Win32_PnPDevice (list of devices) and Win32_PnPSignedDriver (list of details with driver versions). From my point of view this information is important for keeping the manufacturer drivers up-to-date. A group report with the complete hardware would be nice as well. I hope, you can implement this in TNI. (Keep up the great work. For us it TNI2 is the best work tool, we have seen in the last seven years. ) Greetings, Karel
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