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  1. Hello, Recently I was doing a survey of software licensing and realized that the product keys of all my Windows 7 Enterprise (KMS) and others do not appear. I searched the forum and saw that it was already reported this same problem for other people. I wonder if this problem has been resolved or if there is no solution? Sincerely, Renato
  2. Hello, I'm having trouble scanning some network switches. I have many network switches in my business and when I scan them, although they have different IP addresses, they are not added to "storage inventory", only the last one that was scanned. I suspect the problem is because they possess hadwares equal. I wonder if you could check this? I am also having the same problem to scan ThinClients (OS: Windows 7 Thin PC) that were cloned. I wonder if the latter problem is due to the fact that the SID's are equal or because the hardware machines are equals. Greetings, Renato Debruem
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