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  1. Apparently there was a glitch in the previous copy. A subsequent copy was working. I referenced the backup and restore document you mentioned and I had done the proper procedure but for some reason the file/files were corrupted.
  2. I copied the root folder of my TNI folder to another computer and then tried to open it. It says "This folder does not contain an inventory data storage and cannot be selected:" and then reports the location of where I copied the data to. I'm positive that I copied the entire folder from the first computer. Why am I getting this error? I am running TNI 3.2.3 build 2047.
  3. Found my problem, was looking into the wrong folder. I had several folders of gathered info, and was looking into the pre-Professional upgrade folder. I had entered the license info into another folder. Once I opened that folder, the licenses were there.
  4. I entered all the license information on several MS Office products. After awhile I went in to see extra license that have not been used. But I'm finding that all the license information that was previously entered is missing. What would cause this?
  5. I am attempting to track software licenses but when I click on Software Accounting, I only have the Software Tab and the Setting wheel. If I click on the settings wheel all I can do is update software database. I currently have version 3.1.4 installed. How do I get the licensing tab to show?
  6. I see I have a couple of scanners/webcams listed under imaging devices but I can't find an option in the reports to list them. They are not calculated under scanners because none show. Am i missing something?
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