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  1. Well, after try and error testing, we found some further information: TNI is using the Inno Setup routine: Here are a few Parameters, that we use: tni-setup.exe" /SILENT /MERGETASKS="!desktopicon" (This will not create an Icon on the Desktop) There are a still a few questions: 1: What is the Inno Setup Task for the quicklaunchicons? (is it "quicklaunchicon") 2: During the uninstall, there is a message box asking for sending Feedback. It appears all the time even with "%PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Total Network Inventory 2\unins000.exe" /SILENT or "%PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Total Network Inventory 2\unins000.exe" /VERYSILENT How can we deactivate this box during scripted uninstall? Greetings, Karel
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