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  1. After searching for a wile and with this script you can get the version number of any plugin: currentinstalledver=`/usr/bin/defaults read /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/Flash\ Player.plugin/Contents/version CFBundleShortVersionString` echo "${currentinstalledver}"
  2. Well, For now only the internet plugins. Several plugins such as Flash, Silverlight or Flip4Mac regularly need updates and right now it's impossible to monitor those updates. In ARM you can do a custom search and save this search as a template. This would be a great option in TNI. But you say it's possible to retrieve plugin information? I would like to know how?
  3. Anyone (admin?) I'm using the trial version and the custom search option really helps decide whether to buy this product or not.
  4. Hi there, When I scan my Apple machines the Adobe Flash Player plugin doesn't show up in the scan results. This is a known problem (same in Apple Remote Desktop) since the plugin isn't located in the Application folder. In ARD it's possible to create a custom file search to the location of the plugin (library/internet plugins/flash player.plugin). Is this also possible in TNI? So I wan't a custom search to a specified location and get the version number of the .plugin. Thanks a lot.
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