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  1. The latest version (TNI 3.1.0) now has exactly the feature you seek! In the special Change log mode TNI compares snapshots and presents you with the comprehensive list of changes in software and hardware. You can read more about it in our blog.
  2. This button is always gray by design, it should do the trick when clicked though. Are you saying it actually does not work?
  3. Hello, romrou! To cancel the tracking of a software, click the gray "x" button next to the "Track" caption. Right under "17" in this illustration:
  4. Hello, rcurley! Please check your email, I've answered your question there. Summary: double-clicking the value in the Licenses column next to a license key lets you change the number of licenses a single key represents. It's 1 by default, hence the rest X – 1 copies are considered non-compliant.
  5. Hello, dbianco! Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, software tags only live in Software accounting tab and are not used outside of it. We have plans for making software tags omnipresent and smart: apart from filtering software by tags in Table reports, it will be possible to, say, mark a software as an anti-virus in Software accounting to make it show up in Viewer & Reports/Security, etc. These features is part of what we're working on right now.
  6. Hi, unku! I see your point, but TNI is not available for MacOS X, you need Windows to run it.
  7. Hi, local.host! Yes, the 'wrong' behavior is actually expected. Negative balance does not get summed up with positive, but positive balance numbers do sum up. You didn't have any lacking keys, so you ended up with that "+1969" thing. Setting the actual license count is indeed the best solution. It wasn't recommended earlier just because it's a lot of manual work in general case, when software gets installed and removed daily and all these numbers need to be updated. The "9999" solution was proposed as a workaround.
  8. Hi, KeithF! Thanks for your message. The behavior you've described is a bug. Tags and groups actually are "sticky" and they should persist between sessions. We'll try to solve your problem. Worth to mention: we're working on updated version of software accounting tab for TNI. It will be wa-a-a-ay better than the current one. But its development may slow down bug-fixing in current version, so we apologize in advance for this.
  9. Hi, Daron! I guess this can be achieved with upcoming Custom field tree assistant. This assistant will let you filter out all the assets with specific value of specific field, e.g. assets which have Decommissioned field set to true. So, only assets that are to be accounted are now displayed. Then you can select the storage root and use filtering in Software accounting tab to show software from selected assets only. As long as both filters are active, you'll get just the right accounting data. I think this feature will arrive right after the new Software accounting tab is done.
  10. Thanks! We'll let you know as soon as we find solutions. P.S. We did upgrade the forum, as you can see. Thanks for the nudge ;)
  11. Oops. Missed that part, sorry. The e-mail is support(at)softinventive.com :)
  12. Hello, Patrick. There is a hope, yes, but hardly soon. :) We are studying the possibility to remotely extract product keys for more software titles, but this task is far from trivial. No promises for now.
  13. Hello, Daron! Problems B and C are a rare case of database corruption. Please, send us the database file for analysis (hidden .software file found in the storage root folder), we'll see what can be done. Problem D needs further investigation. Could you please provide us with two versions of the same asset file before and after converting to the new format? We need an asset that have lost or gained some software installations according to TNI. The Software accounting tab is under heavy redesign at the moment. Eventually the new version will arrive, far more advanced and powerful than the current one. Particularly, problem A will be solved by an ability to merge several titles so they are considered the same software. Most other problems with software accounting will disappear or have elegant solutions provided as well. We're working on it.
  14. Hello, Dan. Everything is even simpler since 2.0.1 (1088): just click the Open templates folder link on the sidebar under New template button to get to template files. :)
  15. Hello, Tensor. This feature was indeed released as a "preview", but it is not finished yet, and we wouldn't advise you to use it for any purposes other than trying it out. For now it's accessible via the context menu of any group of your storage: you may click Add custom asset and set a few parameters for the new object. The feature is still W.I.P. and will get much better when it's done.
  16. What's also significant: positive and negative balance do not sum up for the total. So, it's not like "+9999 - 5 = +9994". The negative balance has the priority, so you'll see "-5" in the described case.
  17. I got it now. The problem is that by default TNI implies that a key is a permission to install a software once. But that's just the default. If you expand the list of licenses for any software, you'll see that all the keys have "1" under "licenses". Double-click this number to change it. It would be resonable to have an "infinity" option for unlimited keys, but for now you can simulate it by setting the licenses number to something big, like 9999. This seems to be the solution for you. We'll definitely think of a more convenient way to do this in the future.
  18. Hello, Tobias! The current version of software does not have any notion of difference between "normal" and "oem" keys. And there's no such distinction planned. The only two kinds of keys TNI recognizes are: auto-detected keys and manually added keys. The primer could not be removed: the very next rescan will get them back anyway. As far as I understood from your message, oem-keys and 'normal' keys are both auto-detected, so they can't be removed, but you need part of them to be ignored during the balance calculation. Did I get it right? Also, could you be more specific about the oem-keys? What exactly is their difference from the normal ones?
  19. Hello, Phantomgb. As of now there's no possibility to modify contents of report categories in View details mode. This feature is planned and is worked on right now, but it won't be released anytime soon. There is another way to retrieve the data you need via the Software accounting mode. The following steps will yield a table. Each row is an asset that has any of selected software installed, each column is one of software items. The cell on the intersection will tell if particular software item is installed on particular computer. 1. Go to Software accounting tab; 2. Make sure the needed assets are selected in the network tree; 3. Clear the software filters if there are any; 4. Click Reports / Assets x Software in the sidebar; 5. Use search to find the software you need and tick checkboxes against each of the items (all Windows and Office versions in your case); 6. On the sidebar, make sure Hide empty rows is checked and check whatever asset fields you need in report (available are: IP address, hostname and alias): 7. Click Build on the sidebar. If this is not at all what you need, the next update will make it possible to build a Table report like this: | Asset | Windows version | Office version | The update will be out really soon: like, within a week. More features for software reporting are definitely coming later, but we can't estimate the arrival time for them yet.
  20. Download it, use it and enjoy! Just in case you didn't know, TNI 2 (a.k.a. 42) is the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.
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