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  1. Thanks very-very much, to all! And I'll be waiting for new versions or updates with this fix!
  2. Hello! Thank you very much, for answer! I take your point... it is a pity... When i started to make this reports, I think - it is not so hard to insert "user name" column to the each computer name or IP in installed software report, because you have now comp name and installed programms columns(may be I'am wrong, sorry). I mean - if computer name repeat infront each programm on it, so "user name" can repeat with it (and IP for example). Or, make it in Costum report... For example - I choose Computer name column, user name, ip and programms. It may give, when I convert tabular report in excel, I may filter software over users. I think it is more understandable, and visual (for example - sort who have forbidden software in the company). And may I ask, when, approximately, users can see version 2.0, Or may be updates? Thanks a lot, again!!!
  3. Hello all! Big thanks to developers for TNI! Very useful program!! Sorry if I repeat the topic, but i don't found any info about that... I have a question... Can I, somehow, insert "user name" tabular in detailed installed software report(tabular)? If it is possible, so how? I need it so much. Or may be make any other TABULAR report which include this tabulars: -Computer name -User name -Installed sofware -... and than any else... ??? Thanks to all!
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