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  1. I will run the script and give you update. I appreciate your help Thanks
  2. I have attached a link to view the screen shot of client workstation security center display. Link to view the screen shot: http://www.mypicx.com/02252010/Mcafee_Security_Center_Screen_Shot/ Mcafee have been deployed from network servers to manage all of our client workstations. TNI is not reporting antivirus on 12 machines only. The security center display (screen shot image) of the rest of the client machines are displaying the same way and TNI is reporting Antivirus presence except 12 of the machines as I mentioned. Question arises how TNI is reporting other machines except 12? Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. I have scanned client workstations with TNI few times today using 'Auto Deployed agent(SMB) & also Agent Free (RPC/DCOM) connection method. But 12 workstations are displaying after scanning that 'Antivirus Not Found'. I have attached (see attachement) two screen shots of OS and Mcafee information of one of the 12 client machine. I have checked the 'File & Printer Sharing' (TCP Port: 139,445,137,138) and it is checked on. I also have uninstalled Mcafee & redeployed from server and in the client workstation, Mcafee displaying fine (see shot) in the client machine but TNI is still displaying 'Antivirus found' after scanning. Your help in this matter would be appreciated. Thanks Shaq
  4. Is there anyway to get rid of old information from TNI without physically deleting? What would be your best suggestion?
  5. Here are the scenarios to help you understand what exactly I am having... Say..I have registered a new user(Computer DomainName: 123Apple) in the domain & installed 4 software applications. I have scanned using TNI & it showed the correct information fine.Six months later, when I have created another domain name(new Computer DomainName: 123Orange)for another new user on the same computer & installed 6 software applications, after scanning; TNI is showing both domain name computers information at the same time. That means 123Apple computer with 4 applications installed & also 123Orange computer with 6 applications. Question_1: Since computer '123Apple' is not on the domain anymore then why TNI is still scanning & showing information old information? Question_2: Is it because I haven't deleted the 123Apple from TNI? Question_3: Is it possible for TNI to show the current information on current domain holding computer(123Orange)without deleting the old domain name computer(123Apple) which was registered with TNI before? My Current TNI version: 1.6.7 (build 2750) Your help would be very much appreciated. Thanks Shaq
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