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  1. Dear Alex, thank you! When will the next update will be released?
  2. Hi Alex, did your Team find a solution?
  3. Dear Alex, 1. Hyper-V 2. We use AD from Microsoft, it's configured with Kerberos / SSSD / PAM (install sssd heimdal-clients msktutil) 3. We only installed SSH access 4. Configuration SSSD example: [sssd] services = nss, pam config_file_version = 2 domains = nots.local [nss] entry_negative_timeout = 0 #debug_level = 5 [pam] #debug_level = 5 [domain/nots.local] #debug_level = 10 enumerate = false id_provider = ad auth_provider = ad chpass_provider = ad access_provider = ad dyndns_update = false ad_hostname = ubuntu-desktop.nots.loca
  4. I have this problem with all Linux VMs (Ubuntu 20.04), we do not have any physical Linux system.
  5. Dear Alex, the agents are from 2015, are this the latest agents? I tried it with local user with sudo rights. Same problem / error as with the other user.
  6. Hi Alex, we have the latest version of the program installed. My first command with the 64-bit version of the agent was chmod 755 (Admin is in sudo group and tried it also with root). After this I get the Error above.
  7. Hi Alex, then I get this error: domainadmin@bkvirtcont1:~$ sudo ./tnilinagent_x64 Error: Insufficient privileges to run the application. domainadmin@bkvirtcont1:~$ ./tnilinagent_x64 Error: Insufficient privileges to run the application. How can I give in Ubuntu the user privileges for this application? Where I can download the current agent?
  8. Hi Alex, thanks for your reply. This error is shown, I can only use the tnilinagent: domainadmin@linuxtestvm:~$ chmod 755 tnilinagent domainadmin@linuxtestvm:~$ sudo ./tnilinagent ./tnilinagent: line 42: /root/tmp.naT0kEB5Us/tnilinagent: No such file or directory domainadmin@linuxtestvm:~$ ./tnilinagent ./tnilinagent: line 42: /home/domainadmin/tmp.BDZlztVXXN/tnilinagent: No such file or directory It generate no INV file, may the agent is not uptodate? Is there a special folder this agent should be? Any Idea what's the problem? Authentication over SS
  9. Hi all, may someone can help the problem. It's a fresh installation of Ubuntu 20.04 (1 / 5) Status ----------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- bkvirtcont1.BKDOM.LOCAL Microsoft Scan-Vorgang fehlgeschlagen: SSH: Error: Insufficient privileges to run the application.; SMB: Port offen, aber Protokoll ├╝bersprungen; VMWARE: Port offen, aber Protokoll ├╝bersprungen
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