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  1. Hi- I'm currently doing an eval on the software to track and monitor our software purchases and installations but i'm having some issues with the report side, hopefully i can explain. I've done a scan on 9 machines to test against, I've gone in to the software accounting tab, listed the software as commercial, freeware etc., and assigned some licenses to a couple of the software packages (merged most in to one software product). Under the reports table, I've tried to define the following: Asset - Full Name - Software Title - Software Publisher - Version - Install Date But I can't find any place to add in the software categories of Commercial, licensed etc., as i'm not interested in a report of all "freeware/Updates" etc. I've tried to do the same in the software area but I can't seem to be able to add the other columns I listed. I hope this makes sense and it's something that we can do, i'm really impressed with the software. Regards, Dave
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