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  1. Hi Alex, Sorry for late reply, I finally managed it. Your registry tweak helped plus some firewall rules. Actually it was a strange behavior of PC itself. TNI works with a charm. Keep evaluating it. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I have another question. I have some computers in network which could not be scanned with error: Scan failed: SMB: The user name or password is incorrect; RPC: Access Denied. Computer run under Windows 10 (x64) Proffessional. I'm pretty sure that credentials are fine, because I'm able to run a command: net use \\comp\ipc$ with provided credentials I've also read the help on this issue and can confirm that: 1. UAC is disabled. 2. User is administrator on this PC. 3. Password is not blank. 4. No domain involved. 5. In security policy: Network access: Sharing and security model for local accounts policy is Classic 6. Firewall is disabled. 7. WMI service is up and running. 8. DNS record is connect. What I missed? Please advise. Regards, Denis.
  3. Hi Dave, Thanks a lot. That did a trick. I will keep evaluating. Regards, Denis
  4. Hi, I have a license for Total Commander, 1 key for 20 activations for example. After scanning network I found out that users have a different versions of it installed on their PC's. Is any way to link multiple versions of the same software to this specific 1 key? Please see screenshot attached. Thanks, Denis
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