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  1. 5.7.24 - MySQL[/size] 5.7.24 - MySQL NOTE: olympus database was created correctly during the installation process and I can access it and explore its tables from database manager
  2. Hi Alex: I restarted service and again (lost the count) Installed on a physical machine Win 10 PRO x64 build 17763, localhost subnet, antivirus and firewall down for a while :ph34r: LOGS (only with data): - OlympusScanner.DcpModule [2019-04-05 13:34:39.617830] [014816] [info] Operation timed out. [2019-04-05 13:34:41.647825] [014816] [info] Operation timed out. - OlympusScanner.DcpModule.1 [2019-04-04 15:19:53.668804] [004816] [info] Networking config: SECURE=[YES] CERTIFICATES=[YES] [2019-04-04 15:19:55.696465] [014816] [info] Operation timed out. - OlympusGui.Server.js 2019-04-04 15:21:04.385 - info: [Server.js] OLYMPUS server will be started in the production mode. 2019-04-04 15:21:04.415 - info: [Server.js] HHTPS server is running. Rest API - 3000. 2019-04-04 15:22:48.961 - error: [Server.js] SYSTEM ERROR Network Olympus storage does not ready! - OlympusGui.WebServer.js 2019-04-04 15:22:48.960 - info: [WebServer.js] Incoming ajax query PATH=/api/isAuthorized 2019-04-04 15:22:49.203 - info: [WebServer.js] Incoming ajax query PATH=/api/licenseinformation - OlympusCore [2019-04-04 15:19:52.112755] [012932] [OdbcAdapter] [error] Unsupported type [CODBCFieldInfo::m_nSQLType=-1] of field [data]. [2019-04-04 15:19:52.114583] [012932] [OdbcAdapter] [error] Failed verification of the table [actioninstance]. [2019-04-04 15:20:21.871589] [015268] [SystemService] [critical] Can't connect to database - OlympusCore.SystemService [2019-04-04 15:20:21.871589] [015268] [critical] Can't connect to database - OlympusCore.OdbcAdapter [2019-04-04 15:19:52.112755] [012932] [error] Unsupported type [CODBCFieldInfo::m_nSQLType=-1] of field [data]. [2019-04-04 15:19:52.114583] [012932] [error] Failed verification of the table [actioninstance]. - OlympusCore.DcpModule [2019-04-04 15:19:51.044922] [003764] [info] Networking config: SECURE=[YES] CERTIFICATES=[YES] - OControl.DcpModule [2019-04-04 15:19:54.315142] [013624] [info] Networking config: SECURE=[YES] CERTIFICATES=[YES] [2019-04-04 15:19:56.342811] [011968] [info] Operation timed out. - OlympusGui.DcpDataListener.js 2019-04-04 15:21:04.415 - info: [DcpDataListener.js] [DCP onDataListener] DCP onData HANDLER IS REGISTERED. - OlympusGui.DcpDataSender.js 2019-04-04 15:21:04.415 - info: [DcpDataSender.js] [DCP Connect] SEND REQUEST TO OLYMPUS CORE. OPERATION=connect - OlympusGui.SilCommunicationService 2019-04-04 15:21:04.415 - error: [SilCommunicationService] [CHECK UPLOAD PATH] Upload path does not exist and has been created. errno=-4058, code=ENOENT, syscall=stat, path=C:\Program Files (x86)\Network Olympus\uploads - OlympusGui.SocketServer.js 2019-04-04 15:21:04.415 - info: [SocketServer.js] [webSocketServer] CREATE SECURE WEB SOCKET SERVER. WS_PORT=3000 - OlympusScanner.SystemService [2019-04-04 15:19:53.351741] [008752] [info] Service has been installed [2019-04-04 15:19:53.660127] [008752] [info] Service has been started
  3. I have another error with launch https://localhost:3000 Two errors are shown: one about the stopped service error and the other about an authentication error But Core Services are running and username /password are correct. I check service before and after login. It stopped after login and does not recognize the username and password that I have established (uninstall and install more than 6 times) There is any log to see? Any suggestion? :wacko:
  4. The solution (today April, 04) is to install ODBC driver version 32 bit. (driver for 64-bit DO NOT WORK) This worked for me: Go to https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/odbc/ Clic in "Looking for previous GA versions?" Select Version 5.3.12 OS: Microsoft Windows (of course ;) ) Select OS Version: "Windows (x86, 32-bit)" and download MSI Installer or Zip Archive Install it Once you have installed it, the Olympus installation will continue without problems I hope it helps :rolleyes:
  5. Hi Alex, I get it now. Show solution as another replay Thank you very much
  6. Hi team, I try to install using existing MYSQL but have a message about ODBC require. ODBC is installed already and I created the user DSN and system DSN for Olympus in the ODBC Manager but the message "ODBC require" appear again. There is no information about this in the documentation. Nothing that explains the process of connecting to MYSQL and continuing with the installation of Olympus. How to do? Regards
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