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  1. Hi, is it possible to add another hardware category to Group summary view on Viewer/Reports tab? For example - count of same monitors for group? Best regards
  2. Hi, on the Viewer Reports tab is "just" model number even after changing to low-level hardware scanning. I tested request from cmd on local host and remote host via WMIC and both return correct model name so seems there is no problem with credentials. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Hello, I have laptops in my inventory and when I watching hardware summary, unfortunately TNI not showing model name - just model number. For example - laptop Lenovo T440 - TNI shows just Lenovo 20B7008VMC. When I try get model name via WMIC, command works normally. Can I set up something inside TNI to show model name properly? Best regards
  4. Hello, Is it possible to install TNI like server-client scenario? I mean main server with DB + client using same storage over network? Same question for TNM ? Best regards
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