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  1. Hi Good day Admin, What error is this ? " Argument out of range ". Thanks!
  2. I followed all the setting you given to me but it always says that kind of error.
  3. Is this really a problem scanning a large of networks approx. 5,000 units. They take 6hours or more just to finish?
  4. Good day Admin, What's the solution when you are in the scanning process. I want to scan it fast. Is there any solution to it? Almost everyday I spent 6hours scanning 5,000 networks. Thanks!~
  5. How to scan batch by batch because our local here is too big. Its hanging then 99% it will say Not enough storage. What this mean?
  6. Hi Admin, Good day. Is there any solution on how to categorize the unit whether its Desktop, Laptop, Printer in making Reports and exporting it to Excel.
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