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  1. Actually, the only thing that comes into my mind is the default gateway. but it will only filter things like http-rules. I reduced the amount of scanns quite a bit and it got better. scanning itself works in most cases. I encountered a problem using software deploy where (despite having the correct credentials and open ports and services) it told me "access denied". I did manage to solve this using runas.exe /user:XY tsd.exe. Doing so and with the domain-administrator credentials, it worked perfectly. Thank you!
  2. Hi Alex, I even disabled the whole firewall for testing. No changes. Yes, with given credentials of the domain-admin, I can access this path, on every node (ok, I only checked 3 ;-)), even the one I'm keep getting errors in TNI. I can. Using cmd's runas.exe -> cmd -> services.msc with the domain admin credentials, even on the node I'm keep getting errors in TNI. Actually, now it comes down to something like 2 oder 3 nodes having issues like described before. Strange, as they actually have the same settings, at least as far as I can tell.. EDIT: Meanwhile, after running some scans, nearly every node-scan fails with a message like"SMB: path not found, RPC server not available".. No change to any config has been made.
  3. Hi Alex, thank you for your fast response. I played around for quite a while. Meanwhile, I got it to work on some clients. I don't know what I changed. Actually, on some I did not do anything. But still, I can't get it to work on some Win10 clients. Even with fully diabled firewall, correct credentials (I can evnen log onto that client using that exact same credentials), I can't scan that node. Now, it does not even scan at all. That german part sais "SMB: Access denied; RPC: RPS-Server not available". There is no further message in scanner's log. I added the node via: IP Hostname In node list: right click -> rescan Thanks, -D
  4. Hi everyone, we just bought your software after some time testing. TNI and TSD worked great during trial period. Since I've entered the license key, I can't scan any nodes (at least it feels like since that day ;)) TNI connects to the node and scanns it. I can follow that process using the progressbar. At 95%, it stops for a while saying "Finishing scan". After some time it turns red and tells me, that this scan failed due to something like "SMB: system can't find that path; RPC: RPC-server not available". I checked and (first added some rules, then) disabled both, firewall and antivirus on my machine and the node. Still the same outcome. My machine is running Win10, local nodes either Win10 or Win7. Does not make any difference. Further, I (re)started some services like the RPC service. Am I correct that the scan itself is completed but sending back the data fails? If so, why? And, why did it work before ;) Seems like I'm now stuck without your help. But I'm certain you guys will help me fix it pretty fast ;) Cheers, -D
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