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  1. IS there a way to collect CPU load information, similar to what you currently collect for memory load? This would be very helpful to view from a resource utilization perspective.
  2. The update to 3.6.0 is still not working correctly for machines in a domain. Do I need to change a setting anywhere? While there is information in the fields for "Last Successful Detection" and Last Successful Download" (these fields were blank before), the dates are completely wrong (old dates) as compared to updates listed in history.
  3. How far off are you on implementing this? I am looking to buy the software for several clients, but can not purchase until this is fixed. Thank you.
  4. When I run a network scan, either by ip or domain, all hw and sw inventory collect successfully except for the Windows Updates. All subcategories of Windows Updates are Unknown - for the settings, last time updated, last time checked, etc. Is there a setting I am missing?
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