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  1. Any updates on this? We are almost getting to the limit of our max simultaneous server connections. Still on version 3.7, this would be a reason to buy an upgrade for us.
  2. Thanks, FTPS works and update-url supports https.
  3. No it does not work. I updated to, but the resident agent files (tniwinagent.exe, libeay32.dll, ssleay32.dll) are not different from the previous version.
  4. Both .dll files are in the same directory. I also tried copying them to the Windows system folder and tried latest versions, both 64 an 32-bit files from http://indy.fulgan.com/SSL/ I'm using windows 10 and start the agent as admin with command "tniwinagent.exe /install /start /testrun" and before exporting new test settings "tniwinagent.exe /uninstall". I've now setup my own vsftpd test server with TLS enabled and I get the same error "[ERROR] Error sending data: check the send settings and network settings" This is the server log: Feb 28 12:09:21 dhcp-10-33-62-66 vsftpd[27071]: CONNECT:
  5. Also the update URL does not handle https it seems. https://www.server.net/update/tniwinagent.ini 2018.02.22 11:35:02.011 [ERROR] Scheduler: download failed: 500 -> works fine using wget in linux (HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK) http://www.server.net/update/tniwinagent.ini 2018.02.22 11:32:02.031 [ERROR] Scheduler: download failed: 301 Moved Permanently --> redirect to https is not handled
  6. In the meantime, I am trying to use FTPS but cannot get it to work either. tniwinagent.log 2018.02.21 16:40:10.183 [iNFO] Starting service... 2018.02.21 16:40:10.183 [iNFO] Notification successful 2018.02.21 16:40:10.183 [iNFO] Resident mode 2018.02.21 16:40:10.186 [iNFO] {9E4A6CAF-1C8C-4B5C-83FD-088DD9D605A4}=weekly|1|201802211130|1|0010010||||189912300000|189912300000|0|0 2018.02.21 16:40:10.187 [iNFO] Starting local scan... 2018.02.21 16:40:10.187 [iNFO] Make local scan 2018.02.21 16:40:25.749 [iNFO] Scan finished 2018.02.21 16:40:25.763 [ERROR] Login error: check the send settings and
  7. I would also be nice to have an option to set a random delay for the scan schedule. If all clients connect simultaneously at the exact same time to upload their inventory file, this could cause a problem with max. remote logins.
  8. Does "Resident agent" have support for SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)? I entered URL like my.server.net:22/remote_dir/, but nothing gets uploaded. (/debug gives no further info) FTP works fine.
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