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  1. Hi, we try to uninstall chrome from Win10 PCs, but the Chrome is greyed out. Is there an workaround?
  2. Now the ESXi Servers works. vCenter has the same error as before, error code -1.
  3. i can access these assets via the browser and the IP. I receive a HTTPS error (Not Secure) but accesing it work fine.
  4. Hi, i tested today the ESXi Scanner on 3 Hosts and a vCenter Server. I receive on all Systems the Error VMware: Scan failed, Error Code -1. for the ESXi host i'm using the root access. for the vCenter i use the SSO User Administrator@vsphere.local. is there something i miss? Thx Stefan
  5. Thx for your fast reply We have an Office 2016 Standard Volume Subscription license and not an Office365 Pro Plus license. So we can't choose Office 2016 Standard, we can chose only 365 ProPlus, 365 Business, Visio, Project, SharePoint.
  6. We are currently evaluating your Software , but we have some problems with deploying Office 2016. On your website we didn't find any helpful information about deploying Office.
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