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  1. Not the case: Local tniwinagent.ini: config-timestamp=20170810165919.164000+060 Remote one: config-timestamp=20170913115318.224000+060 I've monitored the local folder and nothing gets written to the folder, no errors in the event log, permissions on the folder have been triple-checked. What next??? Tail of log file from this morning: 2017.09.18 10:50:47:747 Scheduler: starting scan... 2017.09.18 10:50:47:748 Starting local scan... 2017.09.18 10:51:42:616 Scan finished 2017.09.18 10:51:42:617 Sending data via FTP... 2017.09.18 10:51:57:782 Data sent successfully, local data moved to "Sent" 2017.09.18 10:55:47:757 Scheduler: downloaded new settings 2017.09.18 11:00:47:734 Scheduler: starting scan... 2017.09.18 11:00:47:735 Starting local scan... 2017.09.18 11:01:34:239 Scan finished 2017.09.18 11:01:34:240 Sending data via FTP... 2017.09.18 11:01:40:370 Data sent successfully, local data moved to "Sent" 2017.09.18 11:05:48:884 Scheduler: downloaded new settings 2017.09.18 11:10:47:703 Scheduler: starting scan... 2017.09.18 11:10:47:704 Starting local scan... 2017.09.18 11:11:42:433 Scan finished 2017.09.18 11:11:42:434 Sending data via FTP... 2017.09.18 11:11:50:726 Data sent successfully, local data moved to "Sent" 2017.09.18 11:15:48:396 Scheduler: downloaded new settings 2017.09.18 11:20:47:718 Scheduler: starting scan... 2017.09.18 11:20:47:719 Starting local scan...
  2. type above - folder is C:\Windows\TNIResidentAgent
  3. OK, this is painful. I've stopped and unregistered the service, renamed the folder to c:\TNIResidentAgent (no spaces), re-installed and restarted the agent, Now, the application attempts to download the update but just doesn't do it - no log entries, nothing to diagnose from - just this in the log file: 2017.09.12 21:17:54:010 Starting service... 2017.09.12 21:20:02:286 Scheduler: downloaded new settings 2017.09.12 21:25:02:260 Scheduler: starting scan... ..but nothing downloads Help!!!
  4. Well it's not working then - The old .ini file does not get deleted, the new .ini file does not get renamed and the .bat file is still there - 5 days after being created. there's noting in the event log on the server - is there a log for the resident agent service?
  5. I've setup the resident agent on a PC and configured a HTTP location for updates. the agent detects the updates in the HTTP location, downloads the new .ini file and creates an 'update.bat' file like below: net stop TNIResidentAgent del /F /Q "C:\Windows\TNI Resident Agent\tniwinagent.ini" ren "C:\Windows\TNI Resident Agent\tniwinagent_update.ini" tniwinagent.ini net start TNIResidentAgent del "C:\Windows\TNI Resident Agent\update.bat My question - what executes the batch file? It just sits there and never updates - what am I missing?
  6. Hi We're looking for a solution to audit laptops/tablets for devices added in Active Directory but who very infrequently connect to the corporate network. They connect frequently to the internet. How can we have these machines audit and report back to central TNI install? Thanks, Frank
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