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  1. well i got again the invalid pointer error and then access violation error.
  2. i have just reisntalled with all default settings of installer (including nmap) and for now it looks ok. Will let you know in few days.
  3. can i reinstall without having issues with license? like i just download latest and start install? or need to uninstall first and then install? Just today i got error: invalid pointer
  4. HI, I am getting randomly Acces Violation error. What can be done, checked or.... ? I am using latest TNI. Thanks
  5. Sorry for this question but i see that this scan finished is completing scan. How TNI update the IP? i have a laptop that was using on ip on Wifi but DNS record was deleted. Now PC was connected to LAN card and has different IP. And when i rescan, reping the same PC it stays with first WIFI IP that is nor relevant anymore. I also deleted this PC from TNI tree and rescan AD and it showd up again with OLD IP
  6. Thanks for provided tips. The duplicates were solved to some %. Also it is more clear about different icons. Let me ask you what happens When computer is scanned and it says Scan finished. And it stays like this like for days unless if i manual stop scan. Regarding access some W7 computers. They are all in domain and my credentials are Domain admin group. also i can locally login with them with no problems.
  7. I am facing an issue with duplicated entry of some computers. The TNI shows them with NetBios name as Laptop, FQDN entry is shown as classic PC in a box. in some of the cases FQDN record is scanned correctly and Netbios version of record not and vice versa. Also some of computers that have W7 installed cannot be accessed. Even If used all steps in FAQ. Manually change of registry entry's UAC completely disabled (not by our company rules), trying with Domain admin account, local admin account,.... Please help. And another question would be: When i select "Sync with AD". What is actually happening? Are the records copied from DNS or where? Thanks
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