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  1. Hello everybody do you have a date for the patch ? i got the same error and i send you a email. regards
  2. hello alex thanks for your answer can i have the possiblity with TNI to check the last time the application was lunch on a computer ? if i deploye a UC with my acronis image with visual studio but the software was never lunch , that will be a good think for me. with that info i can find my delta in the licence. regards
  3. Hello, i come here because i don't find a trick or a answer for my problem. i use TNI from some month now , and i try to match my licence key. here my question exemple : i have 35 licences of visual studio so i only can use 35 licence but for a easy use of computer and deployement in my office i use acronis true image so in my 70 computer with the same image how can i check how many i use really because TNI scan all software installed and not really used. I need the possiblity do find the difference for purchasing later more licence. regards Oliver
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