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  1. Hi , Now I get another dialog box ... I attach a screen capture. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi everyone !! I´m triying to scan all my AD computers (more than 1000) and when I start searching it crash and display dialog box " System error code 1816 " Any help please ?? Thank you .
  3. Hi !! Congrats for this wonderfull software. I will try to explain as closer as I can.... I have some cluster node servers, this means that the cluster publish several IP addresses referenced to some resources, so if I scan 2 cluster services for example, if the last IP finishing of each node is it´s phisical IP address everything is working and I can explore all the results of the phisical server. But if the last IP on the scan own to a cluster resource, TNI detects that the name of machine is de same and update all the information on TNI DB and cant get any information because it´s a cluster resource.... Not pretty sure if you could understand me ... :( . Thanks in advance !! :)
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