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  1. Buenos días. Gracias por sus comentarios. Planeamos trabajar en esta funcionalidad lo antes posible.
  2. Hi, Ivano. All known problems that cause the access denied error are described in our FAQ. There may be something you've missed: https://docs.softinventive.com/tsd/faq#FAQ-Scan_Access_DeniedAccessisdenied Pay attention to the Computers are not in domain and have default settings section. I'm not sure what you mean by your 2nd question. TSD doesn't have remote desktop features. On the other hand, you can manage a remote installation of TSD itself via remote desktop.
  3. Hello. For services like Gmail and AOL, make sure you've allowed less secure apps. https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6010255?hl=en https://help.aol.com/articles/allow-apps-that-use-less-secure-sign-in If this has already been done, let us know which port & security level you've selected.
  4. Hello. You'll need to specify the correct administrator credentials (domain or local) to perform the scan from the main module. There is also an option to scan computers using agents: https://docs.softinventive.com/tni/user-manual/scanning-using-agents Manual scan can be used to inventory assets that are not connected to your network or are inaccessible for regular scanning for one reason or another. If computers are in a domain, they can be scanned as they log on using the Logon script scan. You can configure the resident agent to perform the scan on a schedule and send the results to you via email or FTP or save them to a shared folder. (Sorry for the incorrect reply by a new support team member earlier.)
  5. Hello, Lucas. Most likely, these devices - apart from the last one - were scanned earlier and are already present in some other group in the network tree.
  6. Buenos dias, La unidad principal de Total Network Inventory se ejecuta solo en sistemas Windows. Los sistemas que ejecutan OS X pueden analizarse de forma remota o manual utilizando el agente de exploración. Puedes encontrar más información aquí: https://docs.softinventive.com/tni/techpaper
  7. Buenos dias, Háganos saber cuántos dispositivos estaban siendo escaneados cuando el programa se colgó. Intente ejecutar TNI como administrador (Ejecutar como administrador en el menú contextual). ¿Puedes reproducir este problema?
  8. Buen día. ¿Está ejecutando la última versión del programa? ¿Es este tu primer inicio o has usado el programa antes? Intente ejecutar TNI como administrador ("Ejecutar como administrador" en el menú contextual). Asegúrese de que se haya agregado TNI a las listas blancas del antivirus y del cortafuegos. Dejanos saber el resultado.
  9. Buenos días! Por favor, envíenos algunas capturas de pantalla que muestren el problema en support@softinventive.com Las preguntas de escaneo más comunes se responden aquí: https://docs.softinventive.com/tni/faq#FAQ-Scanquestions
  10. Hello. Thanks for the information. Which version of MySQL do you have? Let us know what it's used for, and if you've modified any settings from default. Can you reinstall the database from scratch? If nothing helps, please consider reinstalling Network Olympus with Postgresql.
  11. Hello. Thanks for your feedback. It's not possible to completely remove these widgets. If you are planning to add more widgets to fill the Home dashboard, then you will bump them down from view. Alternatively, you can create your own main dashboard. To delete tasks from the Scanner, run the Scanner wizard and go to Setup scan tasks.
  12. Monumental news! Network Olympus: Monitoring is now available for purchase, with a free use option under 50 devices. If you already own our software, then you can apply for a discount. Of course, you can first use up the 60 days of your trial period which doesn't have any functional restrictions! Simply click here to download, and install. For more information, please see our latest blog posts: https://www.network-olympus.com/blog/
  13. Danke für die Bestätigung und das Schreiben der Lösung für mögliche zukünftige Fälle.
  14. The first update for the beta is now out. Everyone can now install and use Olympus on virtual machines: https://www.network-olympus.com/downloads/network-olympus.exe
  15. The new version should be coming in a few days. We'll inform you. Thanks.
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