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  1. Hi Zak, we are doing another Test, as we read that there is also some way to query the Information via WMI , instead of the client . From the Whitepaper : http://www.softinventive.com/downloads/techpaper.pdf 3.2. Agent-free method When using this method of connection, TNI connects directly to the WMI service via RPC protocol. All information is gathered remotely and no files are uploaded to the remote computers. How do we configure it in the current Software release ?
  2. Hi Zak, I try to get that "Agent Free scan method" working pointed out by you , but even after "renaming" the tniwinagent.exe so it is not usable , I receive an Error concerning that given "EXE", so I would think I still have some options on which should be disabled. Is there a "best practices" or "HOW TO" so I can do it step by step . ( That is a must have feature for us, as there are strong "NO-GO" for the Service Installation on Production Servers ) Regards
  3. Hi, thanks for the Feedback I disabled the "Disable the RPC protocol for scanning of Windows computers" and renamed the "tniwinagent.exe" File, now I get an Error Code "Scan Failed: SMB "tniwinagent.exe" is missing , maybe i have to disable another Option Scanner ? If that is the wrong Place to ask such question , please advice me ;) Regards
  4. Hi Zak, actually we are looking for an Agent-free( no Service installed ) solution for the Server enviroment and and Agent ( Service ) approach on the Workstation site . Maybe you point me to the " ... agent-free (via WMI). " Approach you mentioned above , as I tried some in the Setting on the Trial Version but the Info tells me "Service install" on every approach , so maybe you can assist me ? Thanks for the fast response
  5. hi , is it possible to scan Servers just by the SNMP without installing "the Service" ? In our enviroment we had some Problems with the "service" Installation of other Software, and as your Product support SNMP Scan, we have the question if then the Service Installation is still necessary ? Regards
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