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  1. Hello, I test licenses, and if I use TNI for license tracking it can be OK. But I can't find where I can see exchange and/or SQL server users. Is it possible to track exchange users? And what about services like remote desktop? Thanks.
  2. I ma really interesting in using your software, it is simple and fast, but how I can add manually, for example, remote desktop and/or exchange licenses in TNI? What we want to achieve is, we have a lot of windows servers with SQL's, Exchanges, remote desktops, etc. And there are some servers which are in use for other users. We want centralize system where we can see if all software are licensed correctly and if we see that someone install SQL server and it is not licensed we will know it.
  3. Hello, Is it possible with TNI 3 pull remote desktop and exchange licenses? Right now only windows licenses are auto-discovered.
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