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  1. I thought of allowing customization when I noticed that TNI was not returning the correct version for IE 10. Since I know which registry key version 10 was located it would have been really convenient for me to specify any registry key I wanted to be returned. I also would like to know which firmware my Crucial 300 SSD has, but TNI does not return that either. Since I know that FirmwareRevision can be returned via the Win32_DiskDrive object, it would be nice if I can specify any item from any WMI Class I wanted to be returned.
  2. Internet Explorer 10 is not found on my machine. It is found as Internet Explorer 9 however Microsoft has updated it to version 10. MS left the Version key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Version equal to 9.10.9200.16576 but added a key called svcUpdateVersion and svcVersion that indicates version 10
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