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  1. On some of my VMWare guests I see a VMWare icon, but on others I do not. These are guests located on the same hosts. Also, what is the little padlock icon located next to the ip address on some of the machines? See below for samples.
  2. How are folks accounting for their open licenses? I cannot seem to find an efficient way of auditing software in which we have an “open license” where one key is used on numerous systems. The original key that is found on the systems, reports as only having 1 license, but X number of machines having the license; thus resulting in TNI showing X-1 systems as being deficient in regard to the license. Even if I manually add copies of the license key, it does not apply any of the deficient machines to the copies of the license key and still shows the originally scanned license as being deficient and all other copies the same.
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