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  1. EDIT - Don't Worry - Alerts, I forgot about alerts..... :P ------------------------------------------------------- Ok thinkers and tinkerers I have been looking at this all afternoon. I can report on devices that have AV installed and list the update status and whether it is enabled, but how do I report on Devices that DO NOT have AV installed? Cheers Craig
  2. Esteemed TNI developers, Would it be possible to have a pinned topic showing the TNI Road-map for possible feature updates? It would be good to know what is in the pipeline, what is not, what exciting and amazing developments we can all look forward to and what disappointments may lie ahead. Craig
  3. Hi Zac, I actually fixed the issue last night (Australian time) by deleting the .report file and opening the database again. I am not sure why it occurred ?? The report was by Asset anyway. The other issue is still printing the reports. Does the choosing of Landscape or Portrait in report viewer just change the on screen view or does it have a bearing on the output? I can't seem to work it out. I either get a portrait print in landscape or a landscape print in portrait. I have tried multiple printers with the same result, with multiple settings in the print properties Printing to PDF produces the same result Cheers
  4. Hi everyone, I have just purchased TNI and I am muddling my way through setting up Reports and Templates. When I run or create an asset report, all of my devices appear twice. It doesn't matter if I scan by hardware or network name, I get multiple devices in the reports. The assets only appear once in the tree view on the left hand side. What am I doing wrong? Also, there seems to be an issue with printing reports, selecting landscape, portrait in TNI and the equivalent setting on the printer seems to be screwy Regards Craig
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